Nuclear Reaction

L’édition française est disponible, voir ci-dessous!
French edition is available, see below! And now, a bilingual edition is available!

Nuclear Reaction is published by the Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick (CRED-NB). The publication contains factual and plain-language information about the plans to develop more nuclear energy in the Maritimes.

The English and French digital editions of Nuclear Reaction are available for download below. To read it in the original size, enlarge the page to 100%. You are welcome to publish it (page size is 11 X 17) and distribute as you wish.

Nuclear Reaction was first published in 1976 by the Maritime Energy Coalition which organized in 1974 to oppose nuclear power development in this region. It was revived in 2021 to oppose more nuclear power development planned on the Bay of Fundy.

CRED-NB published 2,400 copies of the first English issue of Nuclear Reaction for distribution across the Maritimes. We then translated it and published and distributed several hundred in French. We then decided to publish a newsprint, bilingual edition. We’ve published 5,000 of the bilingual edition and we’ve almost run out. If you would like to distribute multiple copies of the bilingual Nuclear Reaction / Reaction nucléaire in in your community, contact us:

Issue: 2o21 – number 1

Download, click here (English version)

Télécharger, cliquer ici (la version française)