Donate to the campaign to stop SMRs in New Brunswick and receive a tax credit

Donate HERE. You will see Stop SMRs in NB listed as a Sierra Club campaign, with a link to the donate page. Then you will see the comment box at the bottom of the page, where you will write “Stop SMRs in NB.”

Our core Coalition member, the Sierra Club Canada Foundation Atlantic Chapter, is a registered charity with a long history of anti-nuclear activism. Our Coalition is leading the campaign to stop the development of SMRs (SMNRs) in New Brunswick.

Because the Sierra Club Canada Foundation is a registered charity, donations to our campaign are eligible for a tax credit. To find out how much of your donation is eligible for the credit, you can check out the Canada Revenue Agency’s complicated page, HERE, or one of the charitable donation tax credit calculators online, such as this one by the Canadian Red Cross, HERE.

Our goal is to stop governments from handing over public funds to private-sector nuclear start-up companies to develop their projects in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. These companies cannot exist without sucking up public money. They are here in New Brunswick because they see our province as an easy target. Let’s prove them wrong!

The Sierra Club has many campaigns on the go. To donate to our campaign to stop SMRs in New Brunswick, you must indicate “Stop SMRs in NB” in the comment box when you donate to the Sierra Club.

CRED-NB and our campaign to stop SMRs here are run by volunteers, unlike the nuclear industry in New Brunswick, well-funded by taxpayers and NB Power ratepayers and paying their staff to pump out pro-SMRs marketing and sales materials almost around the clock.

Any $$ you donate will help pay the costs of informing the public about SMRs, sharing critical information missing from the nuclear industry marketing and sales materials. We share this critical information on our CRED-NB website, through our Facebook page, and by publishing: Nuclear Reaction.