National statement by groups opposed to public funding of new nuclear reactors

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Dear friends and colleagues:

The Canadian government is funding private-sector nuclear companies to develop new nuclear reactors (small modular nuclear reactors – SMRs). To slow down the funding and fight for a renewable energy future, the national no-SMR action group brings together groups across Canada.

More than 100 public interest, Indigenous and civil society groups have signed on to a national statement. All express their common desire for governments to stop funding more nuclear technologies.

If you below to a group that has not yet signed on, please ask your group to endorse this statement (below) and share this message widely in your networks.

The national no-SMR action group is sharing the statement with the list of endorsing groups in our media releases and letters to government representatives. The statement demonstrates the strength of support across Canada for a renewable energy future, and our common desire to eliminate funding for new nuclear technologies.

The statement is hosted by the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA). 

Click here to read and endorse the statement

You will see the the sign-on option to add your group’s name to endorse the statement.

For more information about the national fight to stop SMRs, visit:

Thank you for your solidarity,
CRED-NB, a member of the national no-SMRs action group

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick