Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau re nuclear waste policy and strategy

CRED-NB is one of 83 groups that today wrote to the Prime Minister and the federal Minister of Natural Resources urging them to ensure that radioactive waste strategies are established subsequent to a new policy on radioactive waste and decommissioning and are developed with the full engagement of the Canadian public and Indigenous peoples.

Our letter points out that, as the record shows, civil society participated extensively in the Natural Resources Canada review of Canada’s radioactive waste policy, engaging in all opportunities for public input and providing extensive written comments throughout and on the draft policy.

In contrast, CRED-NB and other groups did not engage in the Nuclear Waste Management Organization exercise, for reasons clearly set out in this and  previous correspondence. 

The letter sets out these concerns, offers a way forward, and requests a meeting. We will keep you posted re any response!

Here’s the letter in English and French.

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick