Invitation to webinar: Debunking the myths around Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)

The New Brunswick government and NB Power are supporting the development of two new nuclear reactors on the Bay of Fundy at Point Lepreau.

Join a webinar to learn from international experts about the risks of the new reactors, information missing from the NB Power website.

Day: Wednesday, October 21

Time: 3pm Atlantic | 2pm Eastern | 1pm Central | noon Mountain | 11am Pacific

Click this zoom link to register for the event:…/reg…/WN_8Vm58sHFTaOiZe2dfhC_ZQ

The event is co-hosted by Beyond Nuclear and Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick (CRED-NB) and the Canadian Environmental Law Association. (CELA)

KERRIE BLAISE , Staff Lawyer, Canadian Environmental Law Association.
EDWIN LYMAN, Director of Nuclear Power Safety, Union of Concerned Scientists.
M.V. RAMANA, Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security and Director of the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia.

Moderator: Linda Pentz Gunter, international specialist, Beyond Nuclear;
Host: Paul Gunter, director, Reactor Oversight Project, Beyond Nuclear;
Co-host: Susan O’Donnell, lead researcher on the University of New Brunswick’s RAVEN project, a member of CRED-NB.
And with contributions by Dr. Gordon Edwards (Canada) and Dr. David Lowry (UK).

Small “Mythical” Reactors, also known as small modular reactors, or, more properly, small modular nuclear reactors, are uneconomical, years away from implementation, don’t answer the climate crisis or jobs needs, and come with the same inherent risks and radioactive waste problems as the current large reactors. Yet the nuclear industry, governments and the media continue to embrace them as something “new” and beneficial.

Learn how to make the case that small modular nuclear reactors:
-Have no role in climate action;
-Could jeopardize security and safety;
-Will cost as much as traditional reactors;
-Won’t deliver the promised jobs panacea;
-Are intrinsically tied to the nuclear weapons sector; and more.

Click this zoom link to register for the event:…/reg…/WN_8Vm58sHFTaOiZe2dfhC_ZQ

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Hope you can join us!

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick