More Nuclear? No Thanks! We have a better idea.

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The challenge

The Government of New Brunswick and NB Power have the idea to build new nuclear reactors instead of investing in energy conservation and renewable energy. Their idea and plans raise many challenges:

More expensive: Nuclear energy is the most expensive way to generate electricity and the price is going up. The cost of wind energy and solar energy is less expensive and going down.

Delayed climate action: Renewable energy generation is happening now. The next generation nukes (so-called small modular nuclear reactors) proposed for New Brunswick will only be computer models for 10 years and will not reduce greenhouse gasses for 20 years — and more likely never. We need climate action now!

Fewer jobs: More nuclear energy will create fewer jobs than energy conservation programs and renewable energy by wind and solar power. Nuclear energy is confined to southern NB while energy conservation and renewable energy jobs will be distributed to many communities all around the province.

Health threats: More nuclear energy will create dangerous radioactive waste, and the proposed next generation nukes will create more highly radioactive waste remaining toxic for untold generations with no existing solutions for permanent safe storage.

More polluting: Next generation nukes will not be “carbon-free” as claimed. They will produce thousands, possibly millions, of tons of radioactive steel and concrete that can never be recycled.

The solutions for a more responsible energy future

Our better idea is for the government and NB Power to end their support of speculative new nuclear projects and instead support the people and organizations across New Brunswick who have been working for years to develop and implement plans for a responsible, renewable energy future.

Some plans are do-able and can be implemented in the province now, with proven technologies that already exist. Why wait 10 years to tackle our climate change responsibilities? We need to show leadership in New Brunswick and implement the solutions as quickly as possible.

CRED-NB has reviewed and is endorsing the ideas and plans below. Click on the links for more details.

New Clear Free Solutions

Conservation Council of New Brunswick

MJM Solar Solutions

We are also looking for new ideas and plans that are operational now in New Brunswick, with existing technologies. Contact us if you have something to share!