Tell Ottawa: no more funding for nuclear reactors!

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The governments of Canada and New Brunswick are funding two nuclear experiments on the Bay of Fundy.

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Now, the feds want to include nuclear in the new Clean Power fund and other sources of funds for “clean energy” and “clean technology.”

Nuclear is highly polluting, dirty energy. The nuclear experiments planned for the Bay of Fundy site will create more deadly high-level radioactive waste as an unwanted by-product and emit radioactive materials in operation.

Tell our political leaders in Ottawa to STOP funding experimental reactors in New Brunswick and keep nuclear out of the Clean Power Fund and any other pot of money for “clean” energy and technology. We need all the climate action funds to develop real clean energy technologies that are available now.

We are working with the Ontario Clean Air Alliance and other groups across Canada to stop federal funding for more nuclear reactor development. Please add your voice to our efforts!

Click here to send a letter to Ottawa and your MP.

  • If you need more information about nuclear energy, check out this website and our dirty energy page.
  • Read our national press release urging the federal government to exclude nuclear energy from the Clean Power Fund.
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