NB Power Generating Capacity

Net Electrical Power Generating Capacity in New Brunswick

Data supplied June 2020 by Marc Belliveau, Communications, NB Power

Q: What is the mean daily demand for electricity in megawatts for the province of New Brunswick
A: 1600 MW

Q: What is the peak daily demand in megawatts (coldest days of the year) for the province of New Brunswick?
A: 3030 MW

Net Generating Capacity from NB Power and other sources (Table 1 and Table 2 below)
4,347.5 MW with Coleson Cove
3,375.5 MW without Coleson Cove

Table 1: Net generating capacity of stations owned and operated by NB Power

Table 2: Net generating capacity of privately-owned and operated stations

*38.5 MW represents the capacity contracted to NB Power.
**A cogeneration plant generates electricity and captures waste heat for heating and hot water, making the plant more than twice as efficient as conventional power stations, saving costs and reducing emissions. More info here.