Two new nuclear reactors for NB with no adequate policy on radioactive waste in place

PC leader Blaine Higgs says federal funding to build two new nuclear reactors in New Brunswick is confirmed and will be announced after the election. The province and NB Power have already given $10 million to start the development of the nuclear projects. Liberal leader Kevin Vickers is also supporting the plans to build the new reactors. Yet there is no federal plan or strategy in place for dealing with the new kinds of radioactive wastes that will be produced by these new reactors.

Read the article in the NB Media Co-op by Susan O’Donnell of the RAVEN project and Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

Facts vs fictions about the new nuclear reactors promoted by the PCs and Liberals for New Brunswick

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CRED-NB member Rick Cheeseman published an article today with the NB Media Coop, “Facts vs fictions about the new nuclear reactors promoted by the PCs and Liberals for New Brunswick.” The article links to a visual presentation about the new nukes. You can read his article and access the presentation from this link.  The presentation is also on our Dirty Energy information page.

Plutonium in New Brunswick? The facts Higgs and Vickers are not telling us

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Our Coalition is supporting calls for a public consultation on radioactive waste in New Brunswick.


Both PC leader Blaine Higgs and Liberal leader Kevin Vickers are promoting new nuclear reactors for New Brunswick during the election campaign.

The province and NB Power already gave $10 million to two nuclear companies from the US and UK to set up in Saint John. Now the PCs and Liberals are planning to give them more.

Here’s some facts that Blaine Higgs and Kevin Vickers are not sharing:

  • The new nuclear projects will create fuel with plutonium that can be used to make nuclear weapons, bringing New Brunswick into a dangerous “plutonium economy
  • The waste from the new reactors will be MORE radioactive per kilo than the existing waste at Lepreau. We will have to store it somewhere in New Brunswick, as no nuclear waste storage place exists in Canada.
  • Building the new reactor sites will create hundreds of tons of radioactive concrete, radioactive steel and other radioactive materials that cannot be recycled. NB taxpayers will be responsible for the disposal costs.

Also, both Blaine Higgs and Kevin Vickers are ignoring that:

  • Nuclear energy is more expensive than renewable energy.
  • Investment in nuclear will delay climate action.
  • Nuclear projects create fewer jobs than retrofit and renewable energy jobs.

See more information about nuclear energy development on this website.

We need a public consultation on radioactive waste in New Brunswick that will get all the facts on the table. New Brunswickers need all the information so we can make informed decisions about our future.

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Fueling the money pit: new nuclear reactors for New Brunswick

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Why are both the PCs and Liberals promoting nuclear power – the most expensive power! – during the election? The cost of nuclear energy is going up while renewable solar and wind energy costs are going down.

NB Power is more than $1 billion in debt for its massive cost over-runs on the refurbishment of its Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station and the expensive ongoing repairs to the nuclear plant since then.

Around the world, nuclear power has a long history of massive expenses and repairs coming in millions over-budget. And governments – we, the taxpayers – always end up with the bill.

The Lepreau debt is driving up electricity costs in New Brunswick. Now both the PC party and the Liberal party are promoting MORE nuclear power for New Brunswick!

The government and NB Power have already given $10 million to two start-up companies from the UK and the US to develop plans for new reactors at Lepreau.

Building the two proposed new nuclear reactors in New Brunswick will cost more than $1 billion each. Billions more will be required from future taxpayers in New Brunswick to clean up and store the radioactive concrete, steel, and other materials left when the  new reactors are decommissioned.

Why should we leave a financial mess along with the dangerous radioactive materials risking the health of our children and grandchildren and many, many more generations of New Brunswickers in future?

Good question, so why are both the PCs and the Liberals promising to give New Brunswick more nuclear energy?

The nuclear industry is desperate to survive and lobbying hard for public handouts. Because the new reactors have no customers, there is no business case so the banks will not finance the development unless the government guarantees the loans.

Better still for the nuclear industry, the plan seems to just hand over billions in public cash, in non-repayable grants!

The nuclear industry lobby group  representative in New Brunswick has another job: he is the Vice-President Nuclear of NB Power and the highest-paid public servant in the province. A circular, bottomless money pit!