Court grants public interest standing to environmental groups in case related to Goldboro LNG

We’re celebrating with CRED-NB core member, New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance (NBASGA) after a Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruling marked a major victory for access to environmental justice in Nova Scotia.

From the media release, here’s a quote from NBASGA’s Jim Emberger: “It would seem that issues of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and concerns about toxic mining pollution would, by definition, be ‘serious’, and that the public would naturally be entitled to reasons when governments decide to ignore those issues. It is too bad that it took a Court of Appeal to acknowledge these self-evident principles, but we are pleased that they did, and that we are now able to address the substance of these issues in court.”

Click HERE for the full story in the release.

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick