New report: Towards a Clean Atlantic Grid

The Pembina Institute published a report in January that will interest anyone looking for information about how to transform our electricity grid using real clean energy (not dirty nuclear or fossil fuels). Check it out HERE.

In this study, they examined the cost of providing reliable electricity in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia using balanced mixes of clean energy technologies and resources (clean energy portfolios) compared against natural gas and nuclear power plants, which are currently proposed as the default replacement for coal. Clean energy portfolios included a mix of commercially available zero-carbon electricity supply and demand management options, including solar, wind, battery storage, energy efficiency, demand flexibility, and imported hydroelectricity. In all cases, they found that clean energy portfolios provide the same services as gas and nuclear power plants at a lower cost per unit of energy over the lifetime of the energy source, even without reliance on imported hydroelectricity

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick