Webinar Feb. 16: “Next generation” radioactive waste

This webinar will interest everyone watching NB Power and the NB government support the development of a project to extract plutonium from existing spent fuel (high-level radioactive waste) at Point Lepreau.

Nuclear Waste Watch, with co-hosts including CRED-NB organized this event to look ahead to new challenges in radioactive waste management, including the prospect of new waste types from reprocessing and from so-called “Small Modular Reactors”, and related proliferation risks.

Speakers are three internationally-recognized experts on these topics:

Reprocessing: Dr. Gordon Edwards
SMRs: Dr. M.V. Ramana
Nuclear weapons proliferation risks: Dr. Frank Von Hippel

Wednesday, Feb. 16 @ 8pm Atlantic.

Register HERE.

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick