CCNB critical of NB Power’s latest plan

We need more renewable energy in NB Power’s plan for the future
Today on CBC New Brunswick’s radio program Shift, Dr. Louise Comeau lays bare the problems with NB Power’s planning for future energy production strategy. NB Power’s 20-year Integrated Resource Plan receives a very critical analysis from the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Director of Climate Change and Energy Program.

Some quotable statements Dr. Comeau’s interview include:
* emissions that we see today from NB Power [power plants] will not change at all for the next 20 years.
* if you don’t think  climate change is a risk then I don’t know what is
* the technology for solar and wind that ensure that we have firm capacity are engineering challenges being solved every day
* we need new transmission investment .. the federal government has made funding available .. transmission connections are essential
* we need to reform the Electricity Act
* we need to work closely with public stakeholders in a true, honest way, where you are influencing the analysis and you are sharing ideas.
Concerning proposed SMR nuclear reactors ..
* we are talking about a new technology that is not yet built so we don’t have a lot of experience with it, we can expect cost overruns and delays and so on.
* One of the proposals in NB Power in its IRP is .. to wait and see on this nuclear piece, and that is dangerous in the sense that now nuclear is causing an increased greenhouse gas emissions
* we need to pursue all cost-effective solutions available today
*people have concerns about nuclear waste and safety issues, and from a pure affordability perspective, they can get something better ..

Author: CRED-NB

Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick